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Marion Fermé is one of the very few flautists of her generation to possess a mastery of both early and contemporary recorder repertoires. She studied with eminent flautists such as Pierre Hamon in Paris, Peter van Heyghen at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, and Pedro Memelsdorff in Barcelona (ESMUC), for medieval music. Later she specialized in the contemporary repertoire in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg, where she lived and taught for her eight years.

The winner of international competitions (Bruges 2003, Montreal 2005), she has given many concerts with her early music ensembles in European festivals.


In 2006, Marion’s intense interest in English music inspired her to embark on new research, leading to the foundation of THE THEATER OF MUSIC project (with concerts in Germany, France, Austria, and a CD in 2009).  

In 2013, The Theater of Music became an ensemble dedicated to stage and dance music.


Marion Fermé has recorded two disks with the German label Ambitus, both of which have been widely praised by the specialized press.

Now a tenured professor of early music, she teaches recorder and chamber music at the Darius Milhaud Conservatory in Paris.

Before devoting herself fully to the recorder, Marion studied English and Russian at the Sorbonne and European Studies at Sciences Po in Paris.

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